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Other resources

Scholarships and grants

There are many opportunities for scholarships, grants and other types of financial aid for students. Check the university's Foundation page for more information about institutional scholarships and grants.

Here are some other options you may want to explore outside of the university.

  • Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) is often another source for financial assistance. To learn more, contact an CAR staff member.
  • College Resource Network is a free scholarship search engine and college planning website specializing (but not limited) in Minority, Disability, and Diversity Scholarships.
  • Financial Aid Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities- ACLS Medical Training has compiled a growing list of more than 30 different educational scholarships for individuals with disabilities
  • Deaf and DeafBlind Student Tuition Waiver Grant- Contact CAR for eligibility requirements.

Additional deaf and hard of hearing resources

Assistive Listening Devices: FM systems are available for check out from the Library. Go to the 2nd floor circulation desk. Founder's Hall Auditorium also has FM system equipment available for events in the auditorium.



Social resources